Brand New Dazed & Infused Oils!

Look out for our brand new range Dazed & Infused range in shops from 1 August!

 Sublime English Truffle Oil, Intense Aromatic Basil Oil and Divine Fragrant Dill Oil all made with English extra-virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil.

  • Infused with natural basil extract Intense Aromatic Basil Oil adds a herby twist to Italian dishes. Try a drop or three drizzled over tomatoes or on pasta or risotto.
  • With English black truffles Sublime English Truffle Oil is a uniquely British product. This is a finishing oil, delicious stirred sparingly into soups, risottos and pasta or over steamed fresh vegetables.
  • Divine Fragrant Dill Oil is the perfect companion to a potato salad or with salmon and scrambled eggs, or drizzled over scallops.

The rapeseed oil’s vibrant golden colour is strikingly offset by the bold labels. The bottles look great on the shelf and are available individually in 100ml and 250ml bottles and a three-bottle gift pack in both sizes which make great foodie present.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil has half the saturated fat and a far higher content of natural omega oils and vitamin E than olive oil. The oil has a distinct flavour: smooth, nutty and rich which is beautifully enhanced by infusing with herbs and truffles.

The new Dazed & Infused oils from Scarlett & Mustard are a quick, healthy and easy way to add a little luxury to every day foods.