the leftover Salsa and Crisps!

What to do with the leftover Salsa!  And it doesn’t involve eating more crisps!!

Hot & Spicy Salsa

HIGH POINT OF THE WEEK:  A delicious lunch at The House of Lords with Lord Sassoon and the China-Britain Business Council. (AKA CBBC!!)

LOW POINT: Getting to Saxtead Fete at 5.55pm in order to buy Carolyn’s Passionfruit & Lemon Curd Cake only to find someone had already bought it! Grrrrrrr!


“All my life I thought air was free. Until I bought a bag of crisps…”  Unknown


With all the football being watched across Europe (let’s not talk Referendums here) this week there must be a few open jars of Salsa not to mention a few bags of crisps!  Don’t let that Salsa go to waste especially if it’s ours!!  Our Apprentice, Abby came up with a fabulous post on our Facebook page yesterday with some great ideas for using up those Salsa leftovers!

10 Ways To Use Your Leftover Salsa
You’ve been dipping away whilst watching the football. But when the 90 minutes are up you’ve still got half a jar of our gorgeous salsa left over…What can I do with the rest of the jar without eating my body weight in crisps? I hear you ask. Here are a few ideas to solve this problem and will help reduce the risk of you turning into a couch potato:

1) Mix into mayo or ketchup and use as a dip for chips (beware more potato!)
2) Stir into scrambled eggs or add to omelettes
3) Add to burger meat mixture or slather on top of your burgers (or both!)
4) Replace tomato sauce for a chunky tomato salsa as the base for a homemade pizza
5) Stir into rice or pasta dishes
6) Dollop on top of toasted cheese
7) Add salsa as your secret ingredient to soups, stews and chillis
8) The obvious one, top onto nachos, burritos or tacos
9) Stir into chicken, tuna or potato salad
10) Mix with lime juice and cracked black pepper for a sensational marinade