Top roasting tips from Morton’s Traditional Taste

After the snow has (hopefully!) fallen and presents are unwrapped, there’s only one thing left to really make a memorable Christmas day: dinner.


Morton’s Traditional Taste are the gold standard for traditional turkeys. Our birds are slow-grown for plenty of flavour, and unlike supermarket birds, our poultry are free to explore their natural habitats. We believe this all contributes to finest birds around – and the proof is in the roasting.


Here at Morton’s, we understand the importance of a phenomenal roast on Christmas day. Waiting all year for the delicious scent of a roasting turkey, and all the trimmings to match, only to be disappointed by a dry bird is so disappointing. Luckily, Morton’s are unrivaled on how moist and succulent their birds naturally are. Here are our top tips to ensure a delectable Christmas dinner to remember:


Morton’s top tips:

  1. If stuffing the bird, stuff only the neck cavity. We recommend cooking the stuffing separately and instead placing a large bramley apple or peeled onion in the cavity and around the bird.
  2. Sprinkle the bird with salt and pepper, then place breast side down. This will help to keep the breast meat moist as the fats from the back permeate through the breast.
  3. Use a ‘pop-up’ timer that detects when the turkey is cooked. Alternatively, test using a fork on the inside of the thigh. When the juices run golden and clear, the bird is ready. If they run pink, continue to cook, checking at regular intervals.
  4. Team your turkey with Scarlett & Mustard’s Cranberry & Orange Jelly for a tangy yet sweet twist. We’re including a complimentary jar with every turkey order this year for you to try!