the #StudentHacks!

Our Scarlett & Mustard #StudentHacks

So it’s September and we’ve got the children back to school, now it’s time to get the students packed up!

“Sadness is missing your mother’s cooking” – anonymous

When looking for a quote about student cooking, I came across the one above and it really made me think.  It’s hard enough saying goodbye to your teenager for weeks at a time when they go off to University but it’s almost as hard worrying about what they are going to eat!  So I thought about how some of our yummy dressings and sauces could be used to make a University Survival Pack to send with your student to help with those first few weeks.

Charlotte in our office told us that she took a cake with her on the day she left for University and said that it really helped her make her first friends.  So the quickest way to make friends is the Scarlett & Mustard way – #JustAddFood.

And therefore we have come up with a few #SurvivalHacks for those first weeks:

Our Salsas make great pasta sauces, quick bases for Pizzas and spice up the traditional Student Spag Bol!  And don’t forget their original purpose – great dips for crisps, nachos and tortillas etc!

Our Ornamental Ginger & Soy Sauce can be used with the student food synonymous with those first meals away from home – the dreaded pot noodle.  Simply discard the flavouring, cook the noodles and drizzle with the Scarlett & Mustard dressing.

If your student wants to impress – include some little tart cases which can be filled with one of our Curds and baked.  Any left over curd can be used on toast or waffles the next morning.

Treat your student to some of our amazing Speciality Oils – both the Garlic and Chilli oils would be a welcome addition to any student kitchen.

And if you are feeling generous you could always complete your Survival Pack with The Suffolk Cook Book to inspire!

Or just send them with a box of eggs!  A friend of mine only ever cooked omelettes when he was a student and he hasn’t done too badly.  Don’t worry they will survive!