the Frying Pan on Pancake Day

Quote for Pancake Day

“The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.” – W. C. Fields

With Shrove Tuesday coming up next week my thoughts obviously turn to pancakes. Perfect pancakes have to be the simplest food for the whole family – perfect for breakfast, lunch and supper, although maybe not all on the same day.
My perfect Pancake recipe was passed down to me from my Granny and is as follows:
125g flour – plain or wholemeal or a mixture of both (whatever you have in the cupboard)
1 egg (large)
300ml milk
pinch of salt
Whisk all together. Heat a really good pancake pan – don’t be tempted to use a cheap pancake pan – they don’t work. Invest in one with a thick solid base and you’ll never look back. Heat a knob of butter in the pan until sizzling and spread out. Ladle a spoonful of the mix into the pan and swirl around so it reaches the edges. Leave on the heat until the sides start to come away. Then either flip (with gusto) or turn less bravely with a spatula. Cook until brown.


Savoury Fillings
Cream Cheese and Chilli Jam
Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Dill Oil
Chicken Salad and Hail! Caesar Dressing

Sweet Fillings
Creme Fraiche with Passon Fruit and Lemon Curd
Icecream with Toffee Apple Curd
Caramelised Apples with Blackcurrant and Star Anise Curd and Cream

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