her Mother on Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday as it should be called)

Our Quote for Mother’s Day

“There was never a great man who had not a great mother” – Oliver Schreiner


Just like Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day the true meaning of Mother’s Day is lost in the tradition of commercialising anything that could possibly involve some kind of purchase and at the very least a card!  It does seem to have been hijacked by the American ‘Mother’s Day’ but I don’t really know why as they are not even celebrated on the same day – America celebrates in May!  Why couldn’t we have just kept it to it’s rightful name – Mothering Sunday?

Now I’m not suggesting that we don’t celebrate our mothers!  I don’t know where I’d be without mine but I wish I could find a card at this time of year that uses the words ‘Mothering Sunday’ rather than the usual ‘Mother’s Day’.

A friend told me recently that Mothering Sunday to her, as a child, meant a posy of flowers collected at the altar during the Sunday Church Service and presented to her mother.  The bouquet would be a small collection of spring hedgerow flowers. Far far more beautiful than any card.

“However, a card isn’t really enough…”

However, a card isn’t really enough and nor is a bunch of flowers – something far more thoughtful is needed and for me it really has to be food related.

Like many people my interest in food and cooking stemmed directly from my mother, now a sprightly 84 year old and still cooking.  She has always been brilliant at putting endless tasty home cooked fare on the table with a minumum of fuss and as a child I remember her making meals that always seemed to be able to expand to feed any number of people who might turn up for supper.  Quite a feat!

So back to food for Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) – let’s start with Breakfast in Bed – now if I’m truthful, I’m rather hoping this blog will act as a great big hint to persuade my children to ‘surprise’ me with duvet dining and bring me something lovely first thing on Sunday morning!  Scrambled Eggs drizzled with our sublime Scarlett & Mustard English Truffle Oil is a favourite for me!

My second suggestion for Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday) would a lovely old fashioned tea which could consist of the following:



Savoury Scones with our Chilli Jam
Little sandwiches – cucumber sandwiches and egg sandwiches (using a little of our Truffle Oil)
Macaroons – sandwiched with any of our curds (Blackcurrant & Star Anise, Lime & Mint, Passionfruit & Lemon, Rhubarb & Vanilla, Toffee Apple, Zesty Orange)
Mini Cup Cakes with any of our Curds

Don’t forget the bone china tea cup and a vase of daffodils (if you haven’t been to church).

Yum Yum
Friday, 4th March