the Truffle Oil and some Christmas Food!

Think ‘Truffle Oil’ this Christmas!

High Point of the Week: It’s ages until Christmas.

Low Point of the Week: It’s only 20 weeks until Christmas and I’ve really got to think about it!

Quote of the Week
“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ”
― Mary Ellen Chase, American educator, teacher, scholar and author

Drivel of the Week

I recently opened a best selling food magazine to find an article about food trend spotters and their predictions for this Christmas. Grrrrr. Yes, Christmas.  I’m sorry but I’m afraid last month the big supermarkets announced what they would be selling this festive season and I’ve really got to think about it.  We’ve been busy at HQ finding the right shaped boxes and packaging for our Christmas produce.  And after a little bit of research I can also tell you a bit more about what we will actually be eating this Christmas!  Matthew Canwell, Director of Buying for Lakeland says that we will, thankfully, be eating a ‘lot of alcohol based treats’.  Including cupcakes that ‘come with a pipette full of liqueur to inject into it just before you eat it’. Why not think of the diet and skip the cupcake altogether perhaps?? Just a suggestion!

Nicola Swift, Marks & Spencer Product Developer said that we will be having ‘truffles on chips, in mash, in terrines – everywhere’. Thank goodness we are ahead of the curve and already have our wonderful Truffle Oil on sale. Other experts suggested plenty of porridge, barley and spelt. All fabulously good for us but they might not be making too many appearances on my Christmas table!!

Recipe Ideas of the Week

The very thought of Truffle Oil has me reaching for one of our bottles to sniff! I have a friend who gets through gallons of it – I tell her to drizzle ‘a little’ but she takes absolutely no notice.

Truffle oil is a wonderfully decadent treat but how can you incorporate it into everyday meals? Here are three of the Scarlett & Mustard Team’s favourite ways of using English Truffle Oil:

3 Fabulous Ways with Truffle Oil

Finish off a risotto with our delicious Truffle Oil
Finish off a risotto with our delicious Truffle Oil