The Birthday Cake

Birthday cakes and new faces!

High point- The delicious birthday cake that Carolyn made for Jean’s birthday (dairy-free so Charlotte could have some too!) – Mary Berry would be proud!

Low point- No prosecco in the fridge!

“A party without a cake is just a meeting” – Julia Child

We’ve had Ben helping us behind the scenes for the week before he starts at University of East Anglia to study Applied Computer Sciences!

Birthday girl Jean is in her second week of Sales. Jean has a background in graphic design and after graduating from Exeter University and a first job at English National Opera, she ran her own successful design company in London building an impressive client list over 15 years. After relocating to Wales, she partnered with a property construction company to project manage and sell a development of 12 new houses. She has just returned from a 5 year Canadian adventure where she has created an award winning British gift shop and tearoom.

jean cake  ben van