the BBQ Top Tips

Our Scarlett & Mustard BBQ Top Tips

High Point:  Winning Small Business of the Year in the East Anglian Daily Times Business Awards 2016 (and Third Place in the Business of the Year category).

Low Point:  Having to think about the C-Word!  I mean Christmas Products…….for 2017!!  And this is absolutely true.


Quote of the Week:

“Barbecues may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.”
Anthony Bourdain

This week we are talking BBQs!  The lovely weather forecasters have promised some sunshine for the weekend; Latitude looks like it just might be ‘mud free’ and for those of you not in ‘Festival Dress’ a BBQ at home could well be on the cards!

To make life easier, we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT ON OUR BBQ PACKS – QUOTE CODE BBQ10 when buying on line.

Our packs make a BBQ much much easier and of course yummier – as we say here ‘Just Add Food’!  And the packs also make the perfect present if you are a guest at a BBQ.


BBQ Pack

Our BBQ Top Tips

Ok here goes:

  1. Make sure it’s sunny.
  2. Use ‘Cheat Coal’ – one of my favourite ‘finds’ – the coal arrives inside a paper bag and all you do is light  said  bag and off it goes – no faffing about!
  3. Remember you always eat 2 hours later than you intend to!  So you might need a few more beers and bottles of wine than you planned for!
  4. Never fear – all the sausages will be eaten. So if it looks like you have bought enough to feed the whole village – by the end of the night they will all have been eaten.  And if I’m wrong, they are delicious  cold with our Chilli Jam when your guests have all left!
  5. And following on from Number 4 – don’t forget therefore, that the most important thing to have at a BBQ is our Chilli Jam – it goes with absolutely everything!