the BBC Recipe Website!

BBC Recipe Website and Homeland!

HIGHPOINT: My new sparkly Supergas!  They make me smile just looking at them!

LOWPOINT: Just finished latest series of Homeland – one word – BEREFT!!!


“The BBC has abandoned plans to close its library of 11,000 recipes!”



I was deeply saddened by the rumour yesterday that the BBC recipe website was to close!  We quickly put into place a rescue package to save the UK’s kitchens from near disaster by herding all recipe-seeking domestic goddesses towards our slightly smaller but much more delicious library of tastebud tickling delights.

It was with utter relief that we realised this morning that this silly plan of the BBC had been abandoned!

Speaking of other people’s recipes though, I am hooked on Paul Hollywood‘s website as he is now my go-to guide for baking!  We decided at our weekly meeting on Monday that from that point on, Fridays would be Scarlett & Mustard HQ’s ‘Bake Day’.  I volunteered to start off and this week I will mostly be baking scones for a traditional cream tea.  You can’t beat Paul’s scone recipe so I will be making a batch on Thursday evening and serving with traditional accompaniments of jam and cream but will also say here that our curds do add a certain something when mixed with freshly whipped cream.

Our Curd Hurd