the Avocado Oil

Today Miss Scarlett will mostly be in the Kitchen with the Avocado Oil!

So, today, we will mostly talking about Avocados!

Quote of the Week
“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. I just eat guacamole.” Apparently, a quote from Plato’s Cousin according to the AvocadoShirtCo.

Drivel of the Week

It seems as if every week there is a new health guide line that usually completely contradicts the advice of the previous week.  Eat low fat, don’t eat low fat.  Wheat is good, butter is bad. Wheat is bad and butter is good. I can’t keep up.  There seems to be general consensus, however, about the scrumptious Avocado whose health benefits are amazing!  There is even an American company called the AvocadoShirtCo that is so passionate about avocados and guacamole that they exist only to express their ‘undying love for everything avocado’.

Did you know that Avocados
– contain lots of Vitamin E, tonnes of iron and huge amounts of potassium – apparently more than bananas!
– are loaded with the kind of monounsaturated fatty acids your heart loves
– and their oil is a healthy and safe choice for cooking!

So that’s why our yummy Avocado Oil is so popular.  It also has an amazing flavour and velvety texture. It is fresh, intense and delicious drizzled over any salads.