Shrove Tuesday – The perfect pancakes!

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday topped with passionfruit & lemon curd and creme fraiche

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For a twist on a regular pancake melt 200g of our  Belgian chocolate sauce to your pancake mix and whisk well – this will give you the perfect chocolatey pancake that can then be topped with any of our sauces. Alternatively, heat the jar in the microwave for 20 seconds and with a spoon drizzle the chocolate on your cooked pancake for a rich topping.

Our fruit curds are delicious swirled into whipped cream, creme fraiche or natural yoghurt to create a lighter topping for pancakes – and waffles, crumpets, scones and more. Pair any of our sauces with fresh fruit to add a pop! Our chocolate sauces will please even the most fussy taste buds as we have a bunch of flavours such as chocolate & orange, mint & chocolate, chocolate & caramel and an espresso chocolate sauce so you will never be bored! We aim to please!