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Zingy Lime Prawns

Because I like a challenge and making life difficult for myself, when presented with S&M’s lime & mint curd I wanted to use it in both a sweet and savoury way.  So I did (see the mojito donut recipe for the sweet attempt).

The first thing that came to mind was prawns but I also tried this with chicken and tofu.  I use prawns below but whichever you decide to try, the recipe is exactly the same.  Just cook according to the protein (no pink chicken!) and if you use tofu I recommend using firm tofu and pressing it under a heavy board for 20 minutes to reduce the moisture before cutting it into chunks and marinating.

You can get tamarind paste in most supermarkets and all Asian food stores.  You can leave it out but it adds a certain sourness which balances the sweetness of the curd.  You could also use fish sauce I suspect but I haven’t tried (if you do, tell me if it works!).

As always, this girl can’t taste the finished dish (but I did try the tofu version so I know the marinade works) but (as always!) Mr D was on hand to be my chief taste tester and gave both the prawn and chicken version the thumbs up.

Here goes, serves 2 as a starter with a little cucumber and carrot salad.  If you like, add some minted Greek yogurt on the side.


200g fresh, shelled king size prawns (makes two big skewers)

1 x tablespoon S&M lime & mint curd

1 x tablespoon reduced salt soy sauce (use normal if that’s what you have in)

1 x teaspoon tamarind paste

½ teaspoon ground ginger

½ teaspoon paprika

½-1 teaspoon chili flakes (optional, omit if you have chili haters in your midst)

2 x spring onions, sliced into very fine rings

1 x tablespoon fresh coriander, chopped finely

Squeeze fresh lime juice

Salt and pepper to taste (start with a pinch of each)

Lime wedges, ribbons of carrot & cucumber (you can do this with a swivel head peeler), radish batons, sliced fresh chilies (if using), spring onion and chopped coriander to serve.


1.      Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well.  Taste and adjust the seasoning according to your liking.  You may like more salt or chili (if using), or a squeeze more lime.

2.      Tip in the prawns and coat entirely in the marinade.

3.      Cover and place in the fridge for up to 2 hours (or whatever time you have, you can cook straight away but even 30 minutes in the fridge will help the flavours develop)

4.      Heat a griddle pan to a high heat.

5.      Thread the prawns on to skewers and cook until pink, turning occasionally and basting with the leftover marinade as you go.  You may find they don’t take too long as the lime from the curd and the fresh juice will slightly “cook” the prawns so go carefully and just use your instinct.

6.      Serve with ribbons of cucumber and carrot on the side and sprinkle the skewers with chopped coriander, the radish batons, sliced spring onion and fresh red chili slices (if using).


We were sent this by a fan of our products, for more of Lisa’s amazing recipes and tasty serving suggestions see her blog: or follow her on twitter: @intrepidveggie

Zingy Lime Prawns
Posted 05.10.15