Strawberry Sunshine Cocktail

Preparation Time

5 mins

Cooking Time




Whip this up in a cocktail shaker or a large jar, it’s a perfect taste of summer.


2 heaped tablespoons Scarlett & Mustard Strawberry Conserve
1 lemon, juice only
2 shots of vodka
2 large strawberries
Lime wedges and mint to garnish
Soda water to top off (optional) or prosecco if you’re feeling extravagant


In a cocktail shaker or large jar filled with ice, add the Scarlett & Mustard Strawberry Conserve, lemon juice and vodka.

Stir with a long spoon, then shake until the Scarlett & Mustard Strawberry Conserve dissolves and some of the ice melts.

Divide into two glasses.

Top up with soda water or prosecco if desired, or leave as a shorter drink if preferred.

Garnish with strawberries, lime and mint.

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