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Stinging Nettle Salsa Verde

Armed with a pair of marigolds and long sleeves, foraging for nettles is painless and rewarding. Carefully pick the top four leaves from plants that haven’t turned flowery or ‘woolly’ on top. Wash throughly when you get home to remove any bugs that might be lurking, then blanch in boiling hot water to remove the sting. Make sure you drain well before using.

According to Google, the common nettle is far superior in nutritional value to many vegetables and is an excellant source of vitamin C and iron.

Whizz up the nettles with a generous glug of our garlic oil, a few capers, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a bunch of mixed herbs from the garden – I used basil, parsley and mint. You are left with the most vivid green, tingly sauce –perfect for injecting some goodness onto your chicken or fish.


Scarlett & Mustard Top Tip. Lay out squares of foil and plant a piece of white fish on top. Smooth over the salsa verde and wrap tight in the foil. Put on the BBQ and cook for 25 mins until cooked through.   

Stinging Nettle Salsa Verde
Posted 18.05.15