Lisa Davis’s Ways with Oils

  •  A sprinkle of the truffle oil transforms omelettes and scrambled eggs, goes great with chips and makes a meal of asparagus.  If you are showing off, try drizzling it over beef carpaccio with parmesan, lemon and rocket (and if you are really showing off just trickle some over shaved truffles).
  • The crispy skin of a pan fried sea bass loves the delicate dill oil, add it to a cucumber salad or go Greek and stick it in your spanakopita!
  • What doesn’t love basil?  One word, tomatoes.  Actually, several words; add it to your soups (works a treat drizzled over cauliflower soup, especially when teamed with the truffle oil), mix with ricotta and pile on to chunky toasted bread or just add the slightest touch to seasoned green beans.

    And there is no cheeseboard in the world that won’t benefit from having all three on the table, just in case.

Thank you very much for all of these creative ideas Lisa, we’ll have great fun testing them out here at The Dressing Room – Yum!