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Smokey Hummus

I’ve used lots of S&M oils, some I bought having been introduced to them at a food festival and some they sent me because I harangued them with blog and recipe ideas until they let me, informally, try, test and tell them (and sometimes you) about what I created.  So far I’ve liked them all and use them regularly. So I was particularly excited to see what could be done with the rapeseed oils.

I am currently trying the garlic and smoked varieties and thought why use two oils when you can use three, so for this recipe the chilli oil plays a role too (as I had some in the cupboard).  So, starting simple (there is more to come to the recipe pages…if S&M want it!), here is my recipe for Smokey hummus (also guaranteed to keep vampires, and garlic haters, away).

Makes enough for two with pitta, crudités or whatever you want to dunk in it – just double up the ingredients depending on how many you are feeding.


1 X 400g tin of chickpeas (drained, reserving the water to help thicken the hummus, and rinsed.  Keep a few chickpeas aside for garnishing later)

1 X tablespoon of tahini (adjust according to taste, it can also be left out for sesame allergy sufferers)

1/2 teaspoon of crushed sea salt (again, adjust to your liking taste buddies!)

1 X garlic clove (good and crushed)

Juice of one lemon (have a spare to hand in case you want to add more)

1 tablespoon of S&M smoked rapeseed oil

1 tablespoon of S&M garlic rapeseed oil

1 tablespoon of a mix of chopped coriander/parsley leaves (omit coriander if you don’t like it)

Paprika (optional)

Chilli oil for drizzling (optional)



Most importantly, taste as you go along! You might want to start gently on the lemon and add as needed, or you might want more or less salt…Don’t want it too garlicky? Leave out the clove. Not a chilli fan? Don’t use the oil or paprika. It’s your hummus, your call…part of the beauty of such a simple recipe is you can play about with the ingredients and it will always turn out well.  I promise.

1.    Combine the oils

2.    Place the drained chickpeas in a food processor or blender along with the tahini, lemon juice, garlic clove, salt and about half of the reserved water from the can.

3.    Set the processor in motion and slowly add the combined oils in a smooth, steady stream until you have a smooth consistency, adding more of the reserved can liquid if needed. (Note, I sometimes make the whole lot by hand depending on whether I want a smooth or chunky hummus so if you prefer you can do all of this in a bowl with a potato masher and a spoon; just add the oils slowly and combine well until you have the desired consistency.)

4.    Transfer to your serving dish and then garnish as you see fit.  I drizzle with the chilli oil (you can use normal olive oil but extra virgin is best if you do), scatter the herbs over the top (feel free to stick some in with the mashing/blending stage too if you like), sprinkle some paprika all over (to add even more flavour and colour) and, if you’ve gone for a smooth hummus, scatter a few whole chick peas over the top, if you saved any.

And that’s it. Serve with warm flatbreads or pitta, vegetable sticks or tortilla chips.  Or maybe use in wraps and sandwiches, on jacket potatoes, over hot chips, in salads (works as an alternative to mayo in coleslaw)…or just stick your spoon in.  Your hummus, your call.


For more of Lisa’s amazing recipes and tasty serving suggestions see her blog: or follow her on twitter: @intrepidveggie

Posted 28.09.15