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Grandma’s Mince Pies with a hidden surprise!

This is Annie’s Granny’s famous way of making mince pies that has been passed down through the generations.
Grandma doesn’t usually make her own mincemeat, but instead improves an existing recipe with a ‘little’ extra brandy, some extra chopped nuts and chopped glace cherries. Makes 18.
Measure out 3oz of plain flour and 3oz of self – raising and sift into a large mixing bowl.  Measure 1 ½oz of very cold butter and 1 ½ oz of very cold lard and cut into small pieces. Rub the fats into the flour until well incorporated. Combine with just enough cold water to bring together.
Put into the fridge for at least an hour or preferably overnight
Grease a shallow patty tin and roll and cut out circle large and smaller circles, press the large circles into the patty tin and fill each with a teaspoon of mincemeat and a ½ teaspoon of orange curd. Top with the small circle and brush with a whisked up egg.
Cook for 10 minutes in an oven that has been preheated at 180oc and set out on a cooling rack to cool. Serve with brandy butter, ice cream or Grandma’s favourite, double cream!
Grandma's Mince Pies with a hidden surprise!
Posted 02.12.14