Blackcurrant Margarita

Preparation Time

5 mins

Cooking Time




We love making this with our delicious Scarlett & Mustard Blackcurrant Conserve, but it’s also delicious with Scarlett & Mustard Raspberry Conserve. This recipe is a generous treat for one, but it’s easy to scale it up and make a pitcher for a party.


1 lime, juiced, plus an additional wedge for the glass
Coarse salt
Ice (lots)
1 tablespoon Scarlett & Mustard Blackcurrant Conserve
25 ml Cointreau
50 ml Tequila


Wipe over the rim of a glass with the lime wedge and dip it in the salt.

Fill the glass with ice.

Fill a cocktail shaker or large jar with more ice.

Add the lime juice, Scarlett & Mustard Blackcurrant Conserve, tequila and orange liqueur to the shaker. Shake for 30 seconds, until the jam has dissolved and the ice has melted a bit.

Pour it in the glass over ice.

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