3 Fabulous Ways With Truffle Oil - Scarlett and Mustard
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3 Fabulous Ways With Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is a wonderfully decadent treat but how can you incorporate it into everyday meals? Here are three of the Scarlet & Mustard Team’s favourite ways of using English Truffle Oil:
  • Stirred into Cauliflower Soup. Over the colder months we’ve had a lot of soup at lunch in the office, a particular favourite was a certain brand’s cauliflower cheese soup which was much improved by a few drops of truffle oil stirred in after heating.
  • Used to finish a risotto. Adam’s girlfriend is the Queen of risottos and they are even more a delicious now she adds a few drops at the end of cooking to really bring out all of the mouth-watering flavours.
  • Added to mashed potato. Instead or as well as cream/milk/butter, add a few drops of truffle oil once mashed – even better when then used to top a Shepard’s pie!
3 Fab Ways with Truffle Oil
Posted 10.03.15