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Wholegrain Mustard


A beautiful, rich and strong wholegrain mustard. This addition is for those who love a kick. Our wholegrain mustard has a thick, coarse texture. We use brown and black mustard seeds to maximise flavour and heat. Add to cheese, sauces, dressings, meat dishes and it is fantastic in a creamy potato salad.

For a potato salad you won’t forget, add 2 tbsps of our Wholegrain Mustard to mayonnaise, chopped chives, diced garlic and a sprinkle of pepper and salt. Chop up your new potatoes and place on high heat until boiled then simmer until soft. Allow them to cool or until warm. Drain your potatoes and add mixture. This recipe is fantastic as a leftover.

Alternatively, use it as an essential for the perfect roast. Start of by adding a generous tablespoon to simmering gravy and stir! The gentle heat will bring out the flavour tremendously. Make sure to have it ready and waiting on the table as it pairs perfectly with roasted meat, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower cheese and more!