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Scarlett & Mustard Taster Box


A selection of our most-loved products popped into a box for you to try.

A tangy blend of ingredients. Fresh coriander, zingy lime and a kick of chilli, our best selling dressing is fantastic for any savoury meal. This sauce is not only great for a powerful stir fry but is the perfect addition to any meat that needs a marinade.

Our Chilli Jam and Red Onion Marmalade are the essential toppings for any toastie. Slice up sough dough (or your favourite bread) and either grate the cheese or slice thin strips and place onto your bread. Top with ham, tomatoes or whatever you like and spread on your condiment of choice. Place in your toastie machine until golden brown or grill until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

We’ve added a few chillies to turn up the heat with this salsa! This fragrant sauce is the perfect addition to any pasta dish, pizza base, fajita mix, nachos, enchiladas and much more!

Selville Orange Marmalade loaf cake is an all time winner and an easy teatime treat. Preheat the oven (160c), beat your butter and sugar and then egg. Fold in flour, salt and baking powder. Add the marmalade (3tbsp) and milk. bake for 50-55 minutes and allow to cool for 5. Mix icing sugar, a little orange juice and add the marmalade. Dribble the mixture over the cake and enjoy your sticky, moreish treat with a lovely cup of tea!

  • Lime & Chilli Dressing & Marinade 250ml
  • Poppy Seed & Orange Vinaigrette 250ml
  • Chilli Jam 200g
  • Red Onion Marmalade 200g
  • Hot Tomato Salsa 300g
  • Passionfruit & Lemon Curd 200g
  • Seville Orange Marmalade 200g
  • Recipe Cards, Wooden Spoons
  • Box, Ribbon, Tag & Packaging

RRP £29.87   NOW £25.00!

PS – In the unlikely event we haven’t got something in stock, we will replace it with something similar and equally delicious ….