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Raspberry Conserve With English Gin


A ¬†classic favourite – with a twist! This addictive conserve is bursting with fruits and freshness making it feel like summer. Our raspberries are gently simmered to bring out the flavour. We use english gin which we add in at the end but we promise that you won’t be over the limit after consumption!

Stir a tablespoon into porridge with toasted nuts for a sweet, fruity taste making it the perfect go to topping for breakfast. For another delicious meal pair with your favourite pastry or add this as the filling to make a delicious danish pastry – it will be bursting with flavour and freshness!

Alternatively, make homemade jam tarts. Prep and cut your pastry and place in the tray then add a dollop of the conserve into the middle and cook! pair with fresh clotted cream or vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

It is also a great filling for cakes, scones, crumpets, waffles, pancakes and pretty much any treat you can think of. This conserve is fabulous for making the most moreish Victoria sponge cake. Bake your vanilla cake batter as usual then add 3 tbsp of this conserve to the middle. Top with fresh clotted cream, cream cheese or creme fraiche – your choice!