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100% Pure Pumpkin Seed Oil Virgin Press Unrefined 250ml


Sweet, rich and completely addictive! The pumpkin seeds are sourced from a select group of farmers and the oil is produced in a century old mill to ensure the best flavour and quality.  It is nutty, earthy and sweet in flavour. It has an intense, beautiful green colour.

Our oil is not only fantastic to use in cooking like drizzling over potatoes, risottos, pasta, polenta and soups to add the perfect sweet overtone. It is also great to coat root vegetables in and slow roast in the oven

If you are a cook and looking for a healthier option then olive oil, blend pumpkin seeds in a processor, then add a generous amount of our oil and continue to blend.  Add salt & lemon juice to taste and Hey Presto, Perfect Pesto!

You can also try roasted butternut squash, sweet potato and pumpkin in the oven, then toss in the oil, add pumpkin seeds & feta cheese for a truly healthy & delicious dish for anyone. Another refreshing and quick meal is simply using it as a dressing for salads – just mix with a little balsamic vinegar & a pinch of salt.

Alternatively for a sweet treat, pour over vanilla ice cream & garnish with pumpkin seeds for a delicious dessert. Surprisingly this oil is fantastic as a dessert dressing and pairs perfectly with creamy foods.

Nutritional Information (gms per 100g)

Energy – 3800kj / 900 kcal
Fat – 100g
As saturates – 20g
MonoUnsaturated Fat – 30g
PolyUnsaturated Fat – 50g
Vitamin E – 50g
Carbohydrates – 0g
Sugars – 0g

Pumpkin Seed Oil with Vanilla Ice Cream