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Mint Jelly


Minty, sweet, fresh and addictive. This jelly is bursting with flavour! We use lots of fresh mint for to reveal an intense, zingy taste that is perfect for any meal.

Mint jelly is a classic addition to any roast, especially lamb and for good reason! There is nothing you’d rather have on your table ready and waiting than this condiment. Add a generous amount to your plate and taste the sweet overtones bring out the flavour of your meal.

Alternatively, it pairs perfectly with pork pies or vegetarian ones so make sure to keep this on your table at all times. It is also a great option if you want to indulge in some soft cheese. Simply spread your chosen cheese on a cracker and add a small dollop on top then most importantly enjoy!

It also makes a great ingredient for cucumber and mint raita. Just mix 250g of greek  yoghurt, 1 tsp garlic puree, a handful of fresh coriander and mint, 1/4 grated cucumber, 1/2 a lime (squeezed) and finally a heaped tbsp of our mint jelly. Perfect for a summertime snack.

Nutritional Information (gms per 100g)
Energy 718kj/171kcal
Fat 0
Saturated Fat 0
Carbohydrates 42.8
Sugars 42.2
Protein 0.1
Fibre 0.5
Salt 0.01