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English Mustard


This quintessentially English condiment has so many uses, it’s an essential in the larder.  Hot, fiery and a beautiful bright yellow, try in sandwiches, gravies, dressings and of course roast beef!

For a delicious snack, slice up some sough dough bread – or your favourite, lightly toast or leave soft. Spread a generous amount of our mustard on top, layer on chicken breast and top with tomatoes, salad and a dollop pf mayonnaise if you please! A great go to for any day.

Alternatively, use it as an essential for the perfect roast. Start of by adding a generous tablespoon to simmering gravy and stir! The gentle heat will bring out the flavour tremendously. Make sure to have it ready and waiting on the table as it pairs perfectly with roasted meat, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower cheese and more!