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Dijon Mustard


A rich, strong Dijon mustard, not for the faint-hearted!  Great as a base for cheese sauces, mixed with mayonnaise for coleslaw, sandwiches and for dipping chips.  Or just use on the side with any meat.

This condiment is fantastic for the cooks out there! Mix this with diced garlic, mayonnaise, a hint of chilli and coriander to make the perfect spicy dipping sauce. This is great for appetizers such as cocktail sausages, pitta bread, crisps, breadsticks, smoked salmon blinis and much more.

For a delicious snack, slice up some sough dough bread – or your favourite, lightly toast or leave soft. Spread a generous amount of our mustard on top, layer on chicken breast and top with tomatoes, salad and a dollop of mayonnaise if you please! A great go to for any day.