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Blackcurrant Conserve with Cassis


Our Blackcurrant Conserve just got boozey!  A generous slug of Cassis is added to the pan just before bottling for a little bit of luxury.

Stir a tablespoon into porridge for a sweet, fruity taste making it the perfect go to topping for breakfast. For another delicious meal pair with your favourite pastry or add this as the filling to make a delicious danish pastry – it will be bursting with flavour and freshness!

Alternatively, make homemade jam tarts. Prep and cut your pastry and place in the tray then add a dollop of the conserve into the middle and cook! pair with fresh clotted cream or vanilla ice cream and enjoy.

It is also a great filling for cakes, scones, crumpets, waffles, pancakes and pretty much any treat you can think of!