Our Story

Scarlett & Mustard is a love thing . . . love for great tasting food, love for family, friends and animals, love for our customers, love for the environment and love for making mealtimes a doddle!  And it all started in a Suffolk kitchen . . .

Now we have a lovely big range of products, with something to suit all whimsical tastes and tricky tummies, and all of which have passed our rigorous and discerning tasting panel.   We take time to let flavours develop and intensify – no short cuts – and use real ingredients, locally sourced where possible. All our products are made by humans (very nice ones), are suitable for vegetarians, and most for vegans and coeliacs.  So some things take ages to make, but we think they taste better for it. 

We say pants to artificial flavours, colours and thickeners, and good riddance to plastic. 

Just Add Food!

Take a look at our story

2010 – A True Story of Love …. And an English Board Game

Once upon a time a chap called Julian met a girl called Sandy on the Daily Telegraph dating website.  After a lot of silly thoughts by email, and several months later, he plucked up the courage to ring her.  “Is that Colonel Suffolk?”  asked 6 year old Chloe.  No, it’s Col. Mustard in the kitchen with the frying pan” said Julian.  “Is Miss Scarlett there?”  And then a few years later they got married and lived together in Suffolk with their 5 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats and lots of chickens.

2012 – Another True Story (of a Young Entrepreneur)

Ollie (11) was a fussy eater, but a great salesman.  After emptying Sandy’s shelves of all Granny’s dressing, setting up a stall in the driveway and selling out, they had to make more, and more and more for all the local shops and shows.  They peeled, chopped and mixed all day and all night, labelled, boxed and delivered until they realised they had to move out of home somewhere bigger.

2013 – A Further True Story of Awards and Other Lovely Things

Then Chilli Jam won a Great Taste Award, and lots more awards followed.  Very soon the bottles and jars won the Best Suffolk Product Award and Clementine their bright orange van was scurrying around the countryside delivering loads of lovely stuff.

2017 – The Sad Bit ….

Very sadly Julian aka Col. Mustard passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2017.  He was and still is greatly missed.  But the determined and loyal team at Scarlett & Mustard vowed to carry on the business and grow it

Now …

Sandy and the team continue to produced the most delicious condiments from their shiny new unit in Framlingham, and the business continues to thrive.  Thank you to our lovely loyal customers who have supported us on our journey!

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