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Meet our food-mad team

Our kitchen is a hive of activity and people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Great tasting food is at the centre of every day in our family, and because of this, each Scarlett & Mustard offering requires the input and final seal of approval from the tasting panel before we can share it with all you foodies!

As the names suggest, a member of our family is the inspiration behind everything we make.

To find out more, go to the Our Yummy Stuff page.

Our Food Mad Team

Our Story

A True Story (of Love and English Board Games)

Once upon a time a man called Julian met a girl called Sandy on the The Daily Telegraph dating website. After a lot of silly thoughts by email, and several months later, he plucked up the courage to ring her. “Is that Colonel Suffolk?” asked little Chloe. “No, it’s Colonel Mustard in the study with the lead piping” said Julian. “Is that Miss Scarlett in the kitchen with the revolver?”. And then they got married and lived together in Suffolk with their 5 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 15 chickens.

Another True Story (of a Young Entrepreneur)

Ollie (11) was a fussy eater, but a great salesman. “I’ve just sold out of all your bottles of Granny’s dressing” he said. “I’ve made ¬£76!” Well, everybody loved Granny’s dressing, and Sandy was very good at making it, so she made some more and put them into the local shop. And the customers loved it and asked for more, and very soon she was peeling, chopping and mixing all day and all night, making 3, then 4 then 5 lovely different sorts.

A Further True Story (of lots and lots of lovely bottles)

Then one of them won a Great Taste Award, and everyone wanted so many bottles that she had to have some help and a lovely new kitchen to make them in. Very soon the bottles of lovely stuff were finalists in the Best Suffolk Product Award and their bright orange van was driving along Piccadilly to deliver them to Fortnum & Mason.