Work Experience Update!

So, last week we had Rachel from Claydon High School with us at HQ and this week we have Col. Mustard’s niece, Laura helping us out. But extra mention must be made of a rather special local celebrity, Rudi, who is joining us today for a little work experience!

Named after the character Rudi Von Starnberg of The Flashman Papers written by George MacDonald Fraser, Rudi is Col. Mustard’s rather handsome Norfolk Terrier and is busy today learning all about Scarlett & Mustard.  He is particularly interested in all security aspects and is currently grumbling at anyone who comes through the main door, regardless of whether he knows them or not!  We invited Rudi to join us this morning really to take his mind off his impending visit to the Grooming Parlour this afternoon!  Keep an eye on Facebook for the ‘before and after’ shots!

Laura July 2016