Lemon Cake and a Cup of Tea

Fabulous to see our Lemon Curd mentioned in The TeaShed‘s blog this week.

“When I find a fool-proof recipe, I can’t help but go back to it and make it time and time again… there is nothing worse than spending time baking and it not to work! There is a gorgeous lemon drizzle cake recipe in Paul Hollywood’s ‘How to Bake’ book, which works every time for me.

The recipe uses lemon curd which gives the cake a lovely moist creamy texture. Even better I think, is using a lemon and passion fruit curd like this one by Scarlett and Mustard, which gives the cake even more flavour. If you haven’t yet tried the Scarlett and Mustard range you need to scout them out. They are in heaps of independent stores but you can also get your hands on their stuff online.”

Jules Quinn, Managing Director, The TeaShed
Independent UK based Tea and Tea Bubble company, Newcastle